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Slightly crooked teeth may not have bothered some people earlier in life. It is often not until people are pursuing careers that they realize appearances make a substantial difference in opportunities. Those with less than perfect smiles will only advance to a certain level. Top managers, executives, and presenters do not have crooked teeth. They also do not have dull and dingy teeth. Their smiles are perfectly straight and as white as technology allows.


Minor imperfections can be fixed with porcelain veneers. A thin layer is bonded to teeth to make them appear straight and bright. If only one or two teeth are crooked, crowns may be a less expensive option. Once bonded, the material is secured to teeth. It is possible for veneers and crowns to chip or break, which require a visit back to the dentist.

If the teeth are straight but dull, professional whitening is also an option. Newer techniques include a blue light that actually bakes the final coat into the surface of the teeth. The procedure will have to be repeated every six to twelve months, depending one eating and drinking preferences. A coffee drinker, for example, will have to have teeth whitened more often than someone who prefers vitamin water or grapefruit juice.

When Most Teeth are Crooked

Veneers will not disguise a smile that is completely crooked. That situation calls for some sort of braces Broomfield. Do not panic, there are affordable and fast methods to fix that problem. Broomfield Invisalign trays are cheaper and faster than traditional braces.

Clear molded trays are created to move teeth at a faster pace than Broomfield braces. The process is faster mainly because trays are switched out every week or two instead of having wires or elastics changed every month. No appointment is required to switch trays because they are manufactured all at once. Users simply have to use the next tray as directed.

Early Intervention

Fixing crooked teeth is faster and easier when done prior to adulthood. This is why braces are commonly seen on teenagers. To address this in an affordable manner, Invisalign Broomfield trays are available for teens. These trays include a blue dot in each tray that indicates when it is time to change trays.

Once teeth are straightened, veneers can be added to keep them white and bright. This allows young entry-level professionals to make an excellent first impression on company leaders. Opportunities will be available sooner in the career.


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